The One Stop Crystal Shop

Welcome to The One Stop Crystal Shop! We specialize in crystals, jewelry, and other metaphysical related goodies. Come shop for all your healing needs. We are open in Fresno, CA. As well as having a store open to the community, We also offer distance and in person healing sessions and readings.

Before you purchase your stones, they are all cleansed, charged, and blessed! They will be ready to be used for your healing needs! My intentions are that you receive beautiful healing stones with high vibrations!

All crystals are hand picked. All wire wrapped pendants are handmade by us. If you have any questions about what crystals to start with or any questions in general, please feel free to email or text us💜

✨All stones sold are authentic and non altered unless otherwise noted.

✨Shop hours can change and are always updated on Google and Yelp.

Cosmic Connections with Candace

Your healing is top priority here at The One Stop Crystal Shop. 

I had my first energy healing session with Candace yesterday and can I just say, "Wow!" I felt the clearing of energy almost instantly! Candace confirmed my thoughts about several issues and also gave me some clear insight to other issues. She was spot on! I have been exhausted since I got COVID in 2020 and have spent almost all of my weekends sleeping. Not today! I have more energy than I've had in months. I will definitely be working with Candace again and highly recommend her to others needing some healing! -Vikki

Candace is the only person I get my crystals from! They’re not only top quality, but also come with beautiful high vibrational energy that assists me with my Reiki practice, meditations, chakra cleansings, journeys, and more. Some of them gain a personality all their own and keep me company. Everything Candace does is from the standpoint of excellent customer service, good business practices, and obviously strong psychic and healing abilities. And the custom crystal jewelry!!! Candace has some beautiful wire wrapping skills. I have been a customer of hers for several years and will continue to be into the distant future. I have nothing but good things to say and my highest recommendation to give. I’ve never regretted a single purchase from her. -Kandi

Meet the owner

Candace Rose

Be the change in the world you wish to see!

Hello beautiful souls 🌞 I am the owner of The One Stop Crystal Shop. I have been collecting crystals since I could walk! It’s only fitting this is now my career. It’s not just a career though, it’s my way of life! I am a highly empathic, psychic/medium/healer. I use crystals every day, all day long. I have been selling crystals for 5 years now and I wouldn’t change it for the world. It truly gives me joy to help facilitate finding the right crystal/tool for you! I load all my crystals with high vibrations and positive energy. Your healing is my priority! If you need anything at all, I’m here! Just ask 💜

The One Stop Crystal Shop is located in Fresno, California.


2080 N Winery Ave #103 Fresno, CA 93703

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